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Medicare cards – things to know about them

The federal government of the United States of America (USA) has come up with a new identification card for people who have Medicare plans South Florida as well as in other parts of the country. This new card introduced in 2018 has a Medicare beneficiary identifier (MBI) that has been assigned randomly. This MBI is made up of 11 numbers and letters. Like the existing card the new card does not have your Social Security number on the same. There are also some other areas of difference as far as these new cards are concerned. The letters would be in uppercase. Letters such as B, I, L, O, S, and Z would not be used.

This would be done in order to make sure that there is no confusion with numbers. The second, fifth, eighth, and ninth positions would always be letters. The new card would also not have any embedded logic. This would be a major Medicare advantage for people who already hold such plans. At present there are around 60 million people in the USA who are receiving Medicare. This new card would be sent to their homes through mail. The process was started during April 2018 and is expected to go on till April 2019.

There are a few things that you need to know in this regard. You can always look for Medicare supplement on the internet if you wish to. There is nothing that you have to do in order to get the card. It will be sent straightaway to you through mail. It is also important to make sure that Medicare service providers have your present address. This would make sure that you get your card on time. The card could be sent in an envelope that would look a lot like junk mail. So, please check properly before throwing any mail away.          

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