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What is Medicare?

Medicare South Florida can be explained as a health insurance program being run by the federal government of the United States of America (USA). The beneficiaries in this case are people who are older than 65 years. In certain cases people, who are younger and suffering from some disabilities, can be considered eligible for the program as well. This program can also be availed by people who are suffering from end stage renal disease or ESRD. ESRD is basically a form of kidney failure where the patient needs a transplant or dialysis on regular basis. In case you have worked full time for at least 10 years in your life you would be considered fit to get Medicare A without paying a single dollar for it.

Apart from Medicare it is also important that you have proper knowledge regarding the various Medicare supplement plans out there. Medicare Part A provides coverage for different kinds of medical expenses such as the following:

  • in patient hospital stay
  • care in a facility that has skilled nurses
  • hospice care
  • some kinds of healthcare at home

Medicare is normally based on laws enacted by the federal government as well as at the state level.

At the national level decisions are made regarding what Medicare would cover. At the state level these decisions are made by companies that are supposed to process the claims of various patients for Medicare. It is very important that you have a proper idea of your Medicare eligibility before you decide to switch to this healthcare service. The companies normally determine if an ailment can be covered or not in the area that they are working in. Medicare Part B is normally provided at a monthly rate that is determined each by the Congress. It is said to cover expenses such as certain kinds of services availed from doctors, medical supplies, outpatient care, and preventive services.


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